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Family Photography

Full Session $500

-2 hours Session
-All digital files
-photos ready in 2 weeks

-Right to print them anywhere you like

-Traveling fee may apply


 Simple Session $320

-30  digital images of your choice on USB

– 60-80 min. session

-Each additional is $10 each

-Keep in mind you can’t keep all the photos from the session

but welcome buy extra if you wish

-Right to print them anywhere you like

-Traveling fee may apply


      Quick  Session $250

-20 digital images of your choice

–  1 hour session

-Each additional is $10

-Keep in mind you can’t keep all the photos from the session

but welcome buy extra if you wish

-Right to print them anywhere you like

-Traveling fee may apply



 Family session need a lot of preparation and researching…

What to wear?

 Where to have the session?

How much and so much more….

 It’s worth all that… so your children have memories of how his/her family looked and show to their children in future! Here are questions and answers most clients ask me all the time.


Q: How to book a session?

A: Just email me to check my availability and  give me some info:

1. Total members in your family

2.Desire date

3. Where planning your session, outdoor, my studio, park or at your home. Please book your session at least 2-3 months before your desired date.

  Q: What are your hours and are you available  Saturday or Sunday?

A: Monday-Saturday 90 min before the sunset, time may vary with the season. Saturdays book really quickly!   Don’t forget it gets darker really quickly in fall and winter.


Q: If it is cold or rains , what do we do?

A: We can do the session in my studio, or at your house. If you really want outdoors photos, we will have to reschedule the session.( No date or opening can be guaranteed)

 Q: Do we get ALL the photos from the session?

A: You DON’T get all the photos from your session. I will proof around 40-70 images, and you will pick your 20 that are included in the price. You are welcome to purchase more if you wish.

If you want the rest of the photos not retouched it will be $150 extra. Each retouched photo is $10.

Q: Where can we take/have the session?

A: Oh, It can be at a park, field, your house, your backyard, or someone you know’s backyard. I do have a list of location that I can suggest. I will send that to you after we book the date. If you have a location in mind let me know… To avoid traveling fee keep the location no more than 20 miles from zip code 19114.

Q: Can I choose more than one location?

A: We only have one hour for the session, traveling from one location to another will take time away photographing you. I don’t recommend doing that. But you can add an extra hour for your session to get everything you have planned out. If you choose to do that, please let me know in advance. So we can start accordingly. The extra hour is $150.

Q: What to wear?

A: Yeah this question seems to be the hardest for most moms especially coordinating the family.  Thank God we have Pinterest to get us inspired!  Family Inspiration! But I absolutely Love when mom wears a dress!

Q: How/when do we pay for our session?

A: Full session fee is due right after the session before we say goodbye…You can pay cash or check. At this time I don’t take credit cards.

Q: How will I get my final images?

A: After I am done editing your favorite images, I will send you a downloadable link, and you can download the files to your computer. Photo printing rights will also be attached to your email. USB will be mailed.

Q: Can someone come along with us a take snapshot photos of us while you work?

A: After I am done photographing you guys, they are more than welcome to pose you and take pictures of you as well!

Q: How long do I have to wait to get the images and why?

A: It takes me 2 weeks to edit the photos. I  really don’t sit and edit your photos for 2 weeks. I have other sessions, meetings, weddings and life that happened in between your editing.

Q: What to bring?

A: Don’t forget to bring a water bottle and any props you want. Make sure to have it all in one bag, for easy caring around. Bring anything that makes your child/children happy such as snacks, juice or toys! I can’t wait to hear from you!