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about my home newborn baby photo studio


About my home Newborn / Baby Studio

 My newborn and baby photography studio is located upstairs inside my house. In the North East part of Philadelphia. The room is about 250 sq. ft. Very cozy not too big not to small, just perfect size for me and what  I do!
The newborn photography studio is definitely one of my favorite places inside my house beside the newly renovated kitchen we finally did:)
I got everything that the baby needs. Changing table, wipes, buckets, baskets, wraps, outfits, headband and much, much more.
So for your newborn baby, you don’t have to worry what to bring or what outfit to buy for your little one, I got that covered!
I can’t thank my husband enough for really doing a great job renovating and making the space the way I love it.
Professional photos are coming soon!
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A Baby Photography Studio conveniently located in Philadelphia